Alcon Giving

Strategic Pillars of Giving

Poor vision keeps individuals from achieving their potential and living full, independent lives.

Since Alcon was founded in 1945, the company has worked to enhance sight to enhance life. Eyesight is critical for working and learning, and it empowers individuals to live with greater freedom and more opportunities.

Alcon Giving

More than 800 million people live with vision problems, which can occur at any stage of life, often becoming worse as people get older. Many believe they have to learn to live with it. But it doesn’t have to be that way because more than 80 percent of vision problems can be prevented, treated or cured – provided people have access to treatment. That is why Alcon is committed to preserving, restoring and enhancing vision worldwide.

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The Alcon Foundation

Through the Alcon Foundation, we strive to advance eye health education, and improve access to quality eye care abroad and in the communities where Alcon employees live and work

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Medical Missions

Alcon supports more than 800 medical missions and numerous partnerships with non-profit organizations each year to bring eye care to places in which services and treatments are not yet available, train local physicians to perform state-of-the-art surgery, and provide sustainable eye care.

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Patient Assistance Programs

Alcon has a long heritage in partnering with eye care professionals around the world to help educate patients about eye diseases, raise awareness, and put eye care higher on the healthcare agenda. And within the U.S., our patient assistance program, Alcon Cares, Inc., helps provide eye care medication to qualified, low-income individuals at no charge.

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Community Engagement

Alcon has more than 25,000 associates around the world passionate about giving back to their communities and improving access to eye care for everyone.

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Global Partnerships

We're Making a Difference

We work with global organizations to support eye health worldwide. SEE HOW

Life cycle of patient needs

Caring for Eyes of Every Age

We are here for the full life cycle of eye care needs with innovations to help you see better. SEE MORE

Community engagement

Serving our Cities and Neighborhoods

We strive to improve the communities in which we live and work. SEE HOW