Research and Development

Research Areas and Pipeline

Vision Research

At Alcon, building a research pipeline strategy for eye care starts with identifying unmet medical needs, and is built around a qualification process that quickly identifies the opportunities that have the best chance for technical success.

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Clinical Trials

Alcon conducts clinical trials to answer scientific questions and find better ways to treat eye diseases and conditions.

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Partnerships and Alliances

Alcon seeks to build and sustain strong relationships with academic and industry partners focused on science in medicine, and who are aligned with our mission of delivering innovative products to enhance quality of life by helping people see better.

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R&D Learning and Professional Development

As Alcon invests in new technologies and science-based solutions in eye care, we also invest in our people, so they can grow and develop the skills necessary to help us overcome the barriers that stand between people and better vision.

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Eye care products

Product Portfolio

We offer a broad range of products to treat many eye diseases and conditions. TAKE A LOOK