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Andy Pawson for Alcon.com

The Brilliance Behind the Feeling of Nothing
Andy Pawson explains the need behind Alcon's latest innovation for reusable lens wearers

Andy Pawson is President and GM of Global Vision Care Franchise at Alcon

Andy Pawson

When we launched DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses ten years ago, Alcon did something that has never been done before. We introduced the world to Water Gradient contact lenses. Water Gradient is the gradual transition of water content from the core to the surface of the lens, so all that touches the eye is a gentle cushion of moisture.1 Alcon’s proprietary discovery has led to a wave of innovation in the daily disposable lens segment that continues to revolutionize comfort for contact wearers.

What many people may not know is that according to our estimates, two-thirds of contact lens wearers are wearing reusable lenses.2 In fact, many patients begin their contact lens journey in a reusable or monthly replacement lens. Reusable lenses represent an estimated $4 billion global category,2 yet this category hasn’t seen meaningful innovation in the last couple of years. For Alcon and the industry at large, a massive opportunity lies ahead.

We couldn’t be more excited about TOTAL30®, a game-changing contact lens that will redefine the standard of excellence in the reusable segment.

What Was Missing from the Reusable Category?

It’s no wonder that 73% of monthly replacement contact lens wearers experience some discomfort.3 Experiencing some discomfort has become such a normalized part of wearing contact lenses for many patients, and these patients may avoid discussing discomfort with their doctor. Only 5% of contact lens wearers bring up discomfort with their eye care professional as they feel it is unavoidable. And, 23% of patients discontinue wearing contact lenses permanently due to discomfort.3 

Our goal at Alcon is to help people see brilliantly, and that includes the millions of reusable contact lens wearers who deserve more out of their lens. So, we gave our team of scientists a huge challenge: How could we design a reusable lens that delivers premium performance similar to DAILIES TOTAL1 lenses on day one and day 30?

The Science Behind TOTAL30®

Holding TOTAL30 package

Our Research & Development (R&D) team knew we needed to create a lens that could withstand daily cleaning and disinfection for a full 30 days. So, we leveraged our proprietary Water Gradient lens material and combined it with a truly unique surface that mimics the corneal surface.4 The result is a novel lens that has a highly durable Water Gradient surface and also Celligent technology to help resist bacteria and lipid deposits. 5-9

Our R&D team produced a lens that is clinically shown to feel like nothing, even on day 30.10 We couldn’t be more excited about TOTAL30, a game-changing contact lens that will redefine the standard of excellence in the reusable segment.

Considering many new wearers start their contact lens journey in a reusable lens, TOTAL30 provides patients with their first introduction to the exceptional comfort of a Water Gradient contact lens.

“In my experience, some reusable contact lens wearers think some discomfort is the norm with lenses,” said Dr. Pamela Lowe, O.D.,Professional Eye Care Center, Illinois.* “With TOTAL30, I now have a go-to lens for my patients who prefer reusable lenses and a premium wearing experience all month long.”

Alcon is committed to science-based innovation and bringing new products to the market that help consumers see brilliantly. We are proud TOTAL30 is a product that is elevating the industry and showing patients and practitioners that real innovation and progress is always achievable—even in a category where many contact wearers were settling for older technology.

With TOTAL30, a long-awaited breakthrough is here.

*Dr. Lowe is a paid consultant for Alcon.



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