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Media Release

Alcon Celebrates 50 Years of Phacoemulsification (Phaco) Innovation and Introduces Two New Cataract Surgical Technologies


Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, celebrates 50 years of phacoemulsification (phaco) innovation at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) 2017 annual meeting, being held May 5 - 9 in Los Angeles. As part of this important milestone, Alcon is launching new phaco and femtosecond laser technology innovations.

The new INTREPID® Transformer I/A Handpiece and LENSX® Laser SoftFit®Patient Interface insert options are part of the Alcon Cataract Refractive Suite, the world’s most complete offering of advanced technologies that assist in every phase of cataract surgery. The Suite, on display during the meeting at Alcon booth #1623, helps eye surgeons better plan for and perform some of the most challenging steps of cataract surgery with automation and precision.

“We proudly join ASCRS in celebrating 50 years of phaco while continuing our heritage as a pioneer in the space with the launch of two innovations – both designed to improve the surgeon’s experience and surgical outcomes for cataract patients,” said Nick Ruth, U.S. Marketing Director, Surgical Equipment and Disposables, Alcon. “The INTREPID® Transformer I/A Handpiece and the new LENSX® Laser multi-curvature SoftFit® Patient Interface options represent another bold step to differentiate our phaco and femtosecond laser capabilities, and to provide comprehensive, advanced cataract surgical solutions.”

INTREPID® Transformer I/A Handpiece

The new INTREPID® Transformer I/A Handpiece is the next advancement in surgical handpiece technology for use exclusively with the CENTURION®Vision System. It has been engineered to allow surgeons to easily transition from either coaxial or bimanual removal of the cortex (the shell layer of the eye’s lens where cataracts form) without changing handpieces. This increased flexibility gives surgeons:

  • Improved access to the sub-incisional cortex
  • Greater maneuverability for working in an unstable anterior chamber (the fluid-filled space inside the eye between the iris and the cornea's innermost surface)
  • Better lens positioning in bimanual mode

For more information on Alcon’s advancements in phaco, visit the Cataract Equipment section of www.myalcon.com/surgical.

LENSX® Laser SoftFit® Patient Interface

The LENSX® Laser SoftFit® Patient Interface is the latest in a series of innovations in the Company’s advanced laser platform technology for refractive cataract surgery. The interface offers a proprietary insert with two recently-approved curvature sizes that allow the cornea to conform to the soft contact lens insert. This results in a gentle secure fit to the eye with minimal corneal distortion or compression, for enhanced patient comfort. The lens is added to the cone during surgery, which allows for:

  • Easier docking for surgeons, especially in small and deep-set eyes, to avoid multiple dockings
  • Improved surgical performance with a 66 percent reduction in energy to the eye
  • A 34 percent reduction in procedure time

For more information on the LENSX® Laser, visit www.lensxlasers.com.

Important Information About the Alcon Products Featured in this Alert

INTREPID® Transformer I/A Handpiece

Appropriate use of CENTURION® Vision System parameters and accessories is important for successful procedures. The consumables used in conjunction with ALCON® instrument products constitute a complete surgical system. Use of consumables and handpieces other than those manufactured by Alcon may affect system performance and create potential hazards.

LENSX® Laser

The LENSX® Laser is for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery. The laser is used as a tool to break up a cataract and to create incisions in the cornea. The LENSX® Laser may also be used for the creation of corneal flaps in LASIK surgery. The LENSX® Laser uses accessories called Patient Interfaces to hold the eye steady during a procedure.

The LENSX® Laser Patient Interface and the LENSX® Laser SoftFit® Patient Interface hold an eye by applying light suction. Some bleeding and foreign body sensation may occur. As with any cataract surgery, there are risks involved. These risks may include but are not limited to infection, pain, corneal abrasion and capsular tear.

Additional important information about these products will be available at the Alcon booth #1623.