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Alcon Launches Interactive E-Book to Help Kids See Success

  • Approximately 30 million kids in the US have undetected vision problems1
  • Interactive e-book helps to spread the word about the importance of comprehensive eye exams for children


Fort Worth, TX (July 20, 2015) — Alcon, the global leader in eye care is proud to launch its 2015 Back-to-School Program, Get an A+ in Eye Care, with a free downloadable e–book, Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam. The e–book is available at www.THEeyeSOLUTION.com.

Alcon's mission with the children's e–book, which features Howard the Hedgehog as he tells his classmates about his visit to the eye doctor, is to raise awareness about the importance of comprehensive eye exams for children. By reading the book with their children, parents will be inspired to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for their child. The book also helps to prepare children for a visit to the optometrist.

"Good vision is a vital tool that paves the way for a kid’s success in school," said Dr. Catherine McDaniel, pediatric optometrist and co–author of Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam. "I helped write this book because I feel it will inspire parents to take their kids to get comprehensive eye exams, and in turn help diagnose any undetected vision problems that may be holding kids back in school."

Since 80 percent of all classroom learning is visual2, eye or vision issues that go unnoticed can directly impact a child’s success in school. Detecting vision issues early on is critical.

The American Optometric Association recommends that children should have a comprehensive eye exam at the ages of six months, three years, age six, and every two years to age eighteen.3* Despite this, it has been estimated that only 14 percent of children in the U.S. have had an eye exam by the age of six4, when many children start school. When vision problems are detected early, children may be more responsive to treatment5, so it’s important for parents to follow their eye care professional’s recommended guidelines.

Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam can help start that conversation with parents and children.

"Alcon is honored collaborate with Dr. Catherine McDaniel in our quest to help raise awareness about the importance of eye exams for children," said Carla Mack, OD, MBA, FAAO and Director of Professional and Clinical Support at Alcon. "Our e-book is an important part of that mission."

To find out more about Alcon and Get an A+ in Eye Care program, go to www.THEeyeSOLUTION.com.



* Asymptomatic/Risk-free patients

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