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Media Release

Alcon Launches New Digital Vision Care Marketing Portal for Eye Care Professionals


Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, announced the launch of a comprehensive marketing portal with digital resources and content to help Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) strengthen their  online outreach to patients. Located on alconODmarketing.com, the Alcon Vision Care Marketing Portal (the Portal) offers e-Marketing tools and training as well as patient educational videos and other content to help ECPs become the “go-to” eye care resource for their patients online. In terms of branded content,  the Portal launched with a variety of DAILIES® materials such as social media posts, photography and logos, that will be updated on a monthly basis. Moving forward, Alcon will provide ECPs with additional digital resources and social media content to market all Alcon vision care products to their patients.

 “We know that ECPs are time-strapped and don’t always have the availability or staff resources to build a strong online presence for their practices,” said Jonathan Balch, Head of US Lens Marketing, Alcon Vision Care. “Alcon’s differentiated portal allows us to partner with ECPs by providing a wide variety of resources and content so they can better market to their online audiences and build their businesses.”

The Portal will also feature training materials for ECPs and their staff to help them navigate the Portal and learn how to leverage downloaded assets on their web sites and social media channels.

In the Alcon Vision Care Marketing Portal, ECPs will find the following resources:

  • Social Media Content that is ready for use – from information about Alcon Vision Care products to helpful eye care tips and reminders, this content will help ECPs educate patients on a variety of eye care related topics.
  • Video Content that new and existing contact lens wearers can reference to learn more about proper contact lens care, new products, and more.
  • Brand Logos and Product Photography that can be used on a variety of platforms including blogs, social media, email newsletters, and more.
  • Lifestyle Photography that can be downloaded and used on the ECPs’  social media channels or websites

For more information about the Portal and to register to use the Portal, ECPs and staff can visit alconODmarketing.com.