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Alcon Survey Shows Resiliency of Contact Lens Business, Reveals Opportunities for Eye Care Professionals to Discuss New Innovation and Changing Needs

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GENEVA, 29 July 2020 – Alcon, the global leader in eye care dedicated to helping people see brilliantly, today announced the results of a new survey designed to understand the impact of COVID-19 on contact lens usage and care, and consumer expectations post-COVID-19. The survey, conducted by research firm MarketVision, polled 1,511 globally representative contact lens wearers from Australia, France, Germany, Italy and South Korea. Key findings include:

  • 90% of contact lens wearers expect to return to their normal wearing schedule, with 70% planning to do so within the next 2-3 months, if not sooner
  • 90% believe contact lenses enhance their lifestyles
  • 94% of contact lens wearers have remained loyal to their current brand

Study data reveal that while the majority of contact lens wearers have remained loyal to their current brand, 75% of wearers are open to talking about upgrading. Furthermore, more than 70% of wearers are willing to pay more for an innovative lens. This is a good opportunity for eye care professionals (ECPs) to educate their patients about new technology and how eye care needs may have changed during the pandemic.

“Throughout COVID-19, we have stayed close to eye care professionals and their teams. And all of us at Alcon are committed to helping our customers quickly rebound from the pandemic,” said Antoine Delgrange, Vice President, Vision Care International Marketing Group at Alcon. “As ECPs reopen their practices, they can be confident that contact lenses provide an excellent opportunity to build loyalty and trust with existing patients, bring new patients to the clinic and create resiliency within their business.”

Contact lens wearers surveyed said they view their ECP as a trusted authority when it comes to eye care. They are open to ordering lenses through their ECP, as well as helpful information and tips through a practice website, email, virtual newsletters, apps or text messages. Interest is especially high amongst younger to middle-aged audiences.

The survey also demonstrated that nearly 80% of those surveyed have improved their contact lens hygiene habits during COVID-19, which includes being more diligent about washing their hands before inserting or removing their contacts, and changing out their lenses as directed. This provides an opportunity for ECPs to encourage wearers to sustain these habits to protect their sight.

Survey Methodology

These are findings of a MarketVision survey, analyzed and finalized in June 2020, on behalf of Alcon. For this survey, a quantitative sample of 1,511 adults age 18+ from Australia, France, Germany, Italy and South Korea were interviewed online in English, French, German, Italian and Korean.

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