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Media Release

Alcon unveils new innovations for cataract surgery patients at European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons congress

  • AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® presbyopia-correcting Intraocular Lens (IOL) is designed to address near, intermediate, and distance vision
  • The UltraSert™ Preloaded Delivery System with the AcrySof® IQ Aspheric IOL facilitates smooth1,2, consistent1,3 delivery of the IOL 
  • The ORA System® with the new VerifEye+™ Technology provides advanced intra-operative guidance to optimize precision for surgical IOL implantation 
  • Alcon to host three symposia focused on global clinical experiences and perspectives from eye care experts

Barcelona, Spain, September 1, 2015 — Alcon, the global leader in eye care and division of Novartis will introduce new cataract surgery innovations at the XXXIII European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Congress (ESCRS) in Barcelona, Spain September 4th-9th, 2015.

Complementing its broad range of intraocular lenses (IOLs), refractive cataract surgical equipment and pharmaceutical solutions, Alcon will introduce its AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® presbyopia-correcting IOL, the UltraSert™ Delivery System preloaded with the AcrySof® IQ Aspheric IOL, and the diagnostic ORA System® withVerifEye+™ Technology. These new innovations will be presented at the ESCRS and subsequently launched across several countries in Europe.

"Alcon is encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback eye care surgeons have provided after using these new products. We are extremely proud to deliver technologies to meet the needs of cataract and refractive surgeons" said Franck Leveiller, Alcon Surgical Head of Research & Development. "As the leader in eye care, we have an unparalleled commitment to accelerate innovation. By developing improved IOLs and equipment to help with visualization, navigation, and guidance to optimize cataract surgery; we are improving the outcomes of cataract patients."

Alcon will also provide more than 15 sponsored medical sessions and 24 supported peer-reviewed presentations at the congress.

Alcon New Technologies

The AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® Presbyopia correcting IOL is a trifocal IOL addressing near, intermediate, and distance vision for patients suffering from cataracts and presbyopia. With an intermediate focal point at 60cm, and 88% of light transmission, this lens is designed to provide crisp quality of vision and comfortable intermediate vision, reducing dependency on reading glasses.

The AcrySof® IQ Aspheric IOL with UltraSert™ Pre-loaded Delivery System is a single-use injector designed to facilitate smooth, consistent delivery of the AcrySof® IQ Aspheric IOL, Alcon’s leading monofocal IOL, while maintaining the integrity of the incision to limit wound stretch.

The ORA System® with VerifEye+™ Technology is a state of the art technology, integral to Alcon’s Cataract Refractive Suite allowing surgeons to evaluate refractive findings, refine IOL power, cylinder power, and IOL alignment in real time, to provide improved refractive outcomes in cataract surgery.

Alcon Events

Alcon is sponsoring more than 15 medical sessions, including three symposia open to all ESCRS delegates:

Taking your standard cataract procedure to a new level, utilizing new technologies
Sunday, September 6 – Fira Gran Via Congress Center – 13.00 – 14.0 
Leading surgeons will cover topics related to how new technologies such as the UltraSert™ Preloaded Delivery System and the Centurion® Vision System enhance their performance in standard and complicated cataract surgeries.

Sunday, September 6 – Las Arenas Dome – 17.45 – 20.15
During the interactive session, delegates will have the opportunity to witness real-life surgeries featuring latest technologies and interact directly with nine world-acclaimed cataract and refractive surgeons. Cases presented include: optimizing astigmatism management, enhancements in minimally-invasive procedures and presbyopia correction.

Precision in Refractive & Cataract Surgery with New Innovative Solutions
Monday, September 7 – Fira Gran Via Congress Center – 13.00 – 14.00
Leading surgeons will discuss new enhancements in cataract and refractive surgery to optimize precision. Products featured include: the NEW AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® presbyopia correction IOL, the NEW ORA® device completing the Cataract Refractive Suite by Alcon as well as the WaveLight® Refractive Suite with the Upgrade GREEN software.

Alcon Supported Peer-reviewed Presentations

24 Alcon supported scientific presentations have been accepted by ESCRS to be included in this year's event. Among the highlights:

A unique presbyopia-correcting IOL solution with distance, intermediate and near focal points to provide a full range of vision for patients
Liu Y, Rich C, He J, Carson D, VonTress M, Hong X
Electronic poster 23834

Visual performance simulation of a novel presbyopia-correcting IOL
Liu Y, Rich C, He J, Carson D, VonTress M, Hong X
Electronic poster 23835

IOL delivery performance of three IOL preloaded delivery systems
Wang L, Wolfe P, Chernosky A, Paliwal S
Free paper 24054 | Presentation: Room 10 | Saturday 5 Sept 2015 |17.30

In-vitro assessment of the delivery performance of a new IOL preloaded delivery system
Wang L, Wolfe P, Chernosky A, Paliwal S
Poster 22997

Refractive outcomes in cases incorporating intraoperative aberrometry (IA) to determine IOL power
Foster, G
Free paper 24272 | Presentation: main auditorium | Monday Sept 7 | 17.40

Comparison of the keratometry measurements, magnitude and axis of astigmatism between a new image-guided system for surgical planning and an optical biometer in patients undergoing cataract surgery
Lane S, Crozafon P, Slade S, Cionni R, Solomon K
Free paper 24268 | Presentation: main auditorium | Monday Sept 7 | 17:16

Randomized prospective comparison of toric IOL power and axis determination by intraoperative aberrometry versus toric calculator
Faulkner, A
Free paper 24714 | Presentation: Room 1| Tuesday Sept 8 | 14.40

Evaluation of refractive cylinder outcomes in patients undergoing cataract surgery for pre-existing astigmatism using toric IOLs or corneal incisions using the new image-guided system for surgical planning and digital alignment
Cionni, R, Crozafon P, Slade S, Solomon K
Poster 24652 | Presentation: Tuesday, Sept 8 |Poster Village Pod 1| 14.00


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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Alcon has more than 25,000 employees worldwide, operations in 75 countries and products available in 180 markets. For more information, visit www.alcon.com.

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