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Media Release

Alcon US Vision Care Creates Innovative Patient and Practice Experience Team to Deliver Consulting Expertise to Practices


Alcon US Vision Care is proud to announce the creation of its Patient and Practice Experience Team, a specialized group that will work in a consultative manner with eye care practices, delivering tailored programs and solutions to help improve patient outcomes and experiences, and improve practice performance. The efforts of the Patient and Practice Experience Team extend the reach of Alcon product, partnership and technology innovations to also bring innovation into how a practice can optimize and deliver an improved patient experience, helping drive practice growth and outcomes for patients.

“We understand that the eye care landscape is becoming increasingly complex due to rapidly evolving patient and practice needs, and know that patients are the heart of the practice,” said Eric Bruno, General Manager of Alcon US Vision Care. “Our Patient and Practice Experience Team is another way Alcon continues to partner with Eye Care Professionals (ECPs), helping to make sense of the changing marketplace while working with them to strengthen patient relationships and maximize practice growth.”

The Patient and Practice Experience Team will work in a consultative capacity with practices to identify specific areas of opportunity where the practice’s needs and Alcon expertise may overlap. The Alcon team will then build out and partner with the practice to deliver on site, tailored programs and solutions in order to improve patient experience, retention, and outcomes in areas that include patient-focused programs, staff training, practice performance and other related solutions.

“We believe Alcon, as the global leader in eye care, has a responsibility that goes beyond delivering our innovative and differentiated portfolio of products, and includes being an active player in helping ECPs help their patients see, look and feel their best,” said Sergio Duplan, Alcon North America Region President.  “Alcon strives to be the lead partner for practitioners, giving them an edge on meeting the needs of patients and supporting practice growth. We believe our Patient and Practice Experience Team will take us one step further in that direction and create win-win-win scenarios for patients, ECPs and Alcon.”

The team will begin the rollout of these services to select practices throughout 2018.