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A clear philosophy drives Alcon’s work to overcome the barriers that stand between people and better vision. We aim to raise awareness of eye health and enhance access to quality eye care by building sustainable markets to deliver better eye care to more people. We educate physicians about the latest technologies and how to use them, and work with non-profit organizations to bring eye treatment to places where it doesn’t yet exist.

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Responsible Business Practices

Responsible Business Practices

As a corporation, Alcon has responsibilities to many stakeholders, though none rival the importance of our dedication to helping enhance, protect and restore sight to people around the globe. To live up to this responsibility, Alcon's business practices are built upon high standards, transparency and ethics. By fostering a culture of accountability and commitment, we are able to advance eye health in a positive and responsible manner.

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Corporate Responsibility

At Alcon, our commitment to preserve, restore and enhance vision spreads across the globe. We are firmly focused on our mission to provide innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. As the global leader in eye care, we take our corporate responsibilities seriously, and continually strive to do the right thing for our customers and their patients, our company, our employees, our stakeholders and our communities.

Alcon Medical Missions

Enhancing Eye Health for those in Need

Each year, Alcon contributes products to over 600 philanthropic medical missions in more than 80 countries. LEARN MORE

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Sunshine Act Compliance

The Sunshine Act and the Open Payments Program Learn more

The Alcon Foundation

Commitment to Eye Care

Advancing eye health education, improving the quality of eye care and access to care for patients on a global level. LEARN ABOUT THE ALCON FOUNDATION