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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Alcon’s Corporate Giving efforts, including the Alcon Foundation and Alcon Cares, help people around the world by increasing access to quality eye care, driving eye care provider training and skills-transfer and strengthening the communities in which we live and work.

Corporate Responsibility Report
Alcon has been actively engaged in environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives during our 70+ years in ophthalmology and optometry.  In publishing our first Corporate Responsibility Report as an independent, standalone company, we are sharing our perspective on corporate citizenship and demonstrating how our ESG efforts reflect our foundational principles: we care for and delight our customers; we pursue and drive innovation; and we care for and inspire our people.

Increasing Access to Quality Eye Care
In many geographic locations around the world, a robust, quality eye care system is often limited or not available at all. That’s why we partner with organizations and support programs that help increase access to sustainable eye care for patients around the world. As a result, hundreds of thousands of underserved patients have received quality eye care services they might not have otherwise received.

Preserving Sight and the Beauty That Comes With It

Sight is precious. That’s why Alcon is dedicated to preserving sight and the beauty that comes with it. Through the Alcon Foundation, Alcon Cares and our affiliates, Alcon partners with eligible charitable organizations to provide monetary, product and equipment donations, with the goal of improving sight around the world.

Alcon Giving
Our corporate giving supports hundreds of charitable organizations. Our programs align with our giving objectives, through monetary donations, product and equipment donations, and associate volunteer activities.
Mercy Ships Delivers Hope and Healing in Senegal
In August 2019, our partner, Mercy Ships, deployed the Africa Mercy to Senegal, West Africa for a 10-month service program.
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In August 2019, our partner, Mercy Ships, deployed the Africa Mercy to Senegal, West Africa for a 10-month service program. As COVID-19 started spreading earlier this year, Mercy Ships was forced to depart Senegal 10 weeks early for the safety of their patients and crew. Despite the early departure, Mercy Ships provided critical ophthalmic care to underserved patients from remote regions of Senegal, and ophthalmic training to local eye care providers, enabling them to continue providing care for years to come.

  • 543 eye surgeries (primarily cataract) provided to adults and children
  • 3 ophthalmic surgeons from three regions participated in two-week surgeon mentorships
  • 60 eye care providers participated in various ophthalmic training courses, including glaucoma, strabismus and retina care

Charitable Monetary Donations
Alcon provides charitable monetary donations (often referred to as grants) to eligible 501(c)3 organizations that offer high-quality programs and services to increase access to quality eye care, promote eye health education, and strengthen the communities in which we live and work. These donations are offered through the Alcon Foundation.
Learn more about the Alcon Foundation’s criteria, objectives and restrictions:
How to apply for a monetary donation from the Alcon Foundation:
To determine eligibility to apply for a donation from the Alcon Foundation, please first review the criteria, objectives and restrictions documents above. Well-aligned applications can then be submitted upon successful completion of the online eligibility questionnaire.

Charitable Product and Equipment Donations
Alcon donates ophthalmic medicines and devices to local eye care clinics who work to improve and restore vision to patients around the world. Our donations help improve the sustainability of these clinics so they can provide long-term care to more people. We also donate product and equipment to short-term medical missions that deliver eye exams and surgeries for patients and training for local eye care professionals. All product and equipment donations are offered through Alcon Cares.
Medical Missions Support Temporarily Restricted
Medical missions are a valuable means to help people see brilliantly, and our commitment to responsibly supporting medical missions with product donations remains as strong as ever. COVID-19 continues to pose a significant health risk to the global community. To protect traveling volunteers and in-country medical teams and patients, Alcon Cares’ medical mission support is temporarily limited to countries accepting U.S. visitors, where minimum requirements we’ve established are met. We are vetting each medical mission request on the basis of its particular circumstances, including the destination’s U.S. State Department Travel Advisory* level, partner support, and patients’ access to post-operative care. We will continue to monitor and assess the situation and advise our partners of any updates to our policies.
*For the safety of all participants, Alcon Cares does not support medical missions to countries with a Level 4 U.S. State Department Travel Advisory