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External Innovation Opportunities

Innovation Opportunity Inquiry

We routinely screen for emerging technology opportunities that could enhance our existing product offerings or lead to innovative new products in the field of ocular health and disease management. Please tell us about your idea.

To submit new product or new technology ideas on a NON-CONFIDENTIAL basis, complete the form below.

Alcon will be under no obligation to treat any information provided in this manner as confidential regardless of any legend or statement contained therein or set forth with respect thereto. Please only submit unsolicited ideas after you have first taken steps to obtain patent protection for such ideas.

By submitting an idea, you agree to seek and rely exclusively upon your patent rights, if any, as defined by the claims of an issued patent and that you will not submit suggestions for ideas that are subject to protection by design patents, copyrights, or trademarks. Further, you understand that Alcon may currently be developing, or have plans to develop, products or processes similar to what you have submitted.

 I acknowledge and agree that I am submitting information on a non-confidential basis