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A new WAVE of technology
Delivering breakthrough technology to people with cataracts while also offering a vision correction able to offer more independence for patients.

We’ve proudly launched our home-grown AcrySof® IQ VivityTM, Alcon’s latest innovation in the cataract space in the U.S.

“We wanted to do something meaningful to address visual disturbances, and we were thrilled when we saw this potential through our cutting-edge X-WAVETM technology,” said Rob Scott, Vice President Implantables, Surgical R&D at Alcon. “With Vivity, we are able to deliver this breakthrough technology to people with cataracts while also offering a vision correction that has the opportunity to provide reduced spectacle dependence.1

Alcon’s Vivity uses proprietary Wavefront-Shaping X-WAVETM technology, a next-generation optical principle that stretches and shifts light without splitting it.1 Born out of years of R&D effort, the technology allows the Vivity lens to deliver monofocal-quality distance (far) with excellent intermediate (arm’s-length) and functional near vision (up-close).1

The development of this technology demanded intricate adjustments to the lens, and countless design and redesign efforts, along with an adaptation of manufacturing specifications. Together with the PanOptix® IOL, the Vivity IOL expands Alcon’s growing portfolio of presbyopia-mitigating IOLs to meet the needs of cataract patients who are interested in restoring and improving their vision.

This display of tireless innovation among Alcon scientists exemplifies our dedication to helping people See Brilliantly.

Vivity is available in Europe, Australia, the U.S., Canada and has been introduced to select ophthalmologists in Brazil, Korea and India.

Review the links for Important Product Information for AcrySof® IQ Vivity ™ IOL and AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® Trifocal IOL.



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