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Reducing Plastic, Increasing Stability
Since 2022, Alcon and Plastic Bank have partnered for clear vision and clean oceans.

Because we want to continue to see our world brilliantly, Alcon has committed to helping stop ocean-bound plastic from reaching our precious water sources in communities around the world. We have already collected over 2.5 million kilograms of plastic and plan to continue supporting the collection of plastic and the reduction of destructive plastics in our ecosystems.

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Already, our partnership has engaged over 475 communities, and we aim to continue making an impact in more lives of individuals living in vulnerable coastal cities by expanding our efforts. Offsetting the use of certain plastics in countries like Australia, Egypt, France, and now Japan helps further Alcon’s aim to care for communities.

Already, people in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines have an opportunity to reduce plastic waste in their neighborhoods and improve their financial stability with a new income stream. Alcon is thrilled to continue reaching countries’ citizens and habitats where we live and work.

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Because plastics are necessary in a variety of medical technologies, working with Plastic Bank, Alcon identified a way to remove an equivalent amount of waste plastic from the environment to help improve our plastic impact. The collection programs around the world will continue to offset all plastic used in Ultrasert® and AutonoMe® preloaded intraocular lens delivery systems, as well as certain Vision Care products like DAILIES TOTAL1®, TOTAL30® and PRECISION1® contact lenses and Systane® eye drops in certain markets, by preventing the equivalent amount of plastics from contributing to coastal pollution.

So far, Alcon has helped prevent over 125 million plastic bottles from entering the oceans, streams, rivers, and lakes human and animal life depend on. So far, over 5,000 collectors are improving their financial stability and contributing to a cleaner, clearer world.

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From North Luzon, Philippines, to Central Java, Indonesia, Alcon, Plastic Bank, and the collectors doing the work every day have helped further our goal to be a responsible corporate citizen. Together, we are working towards a more sustainable world and helping more people around the world see and live brilliantly.


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