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Take Care of Your Eyes Every Day
Whether using proper gear like goggles or regularly visiting your Eye Care Professional, there are many ways to care for your sight to help you see and live brilliantly!

Whether using screens or working in a manufacturing facility, Alcon associates around the world encounter situations daily that may impact their sight—and chances are you do, too! That’s why we encourage our own Alcon associates and you to protect your eyes during everyday activities at work. Whether using proper gear like goggles or regularly visiting your Eye Care Professional, there are many ways to care for your sight to help you see and live brilliantly!

Safety first

If you handle power tools or dangerous chemicals, work in a manufacturing facility, construction site, or other potentially hazardous environments, it is imperative that correct safety eye gear is worn. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, wearing protective eyewear is estimated to prevent more than 90% of serious eye injuries. That’s why, for example, the scientists behind our innovation, researching and developing sight-enhancing and sight-improving products, must wear lab goggles.

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Eye injuries from flying objects, irritants, and other hazards have a huge cost of nearly $300 million annually in the U.S. due to losses in productivity, paying for important medical treatment, and other factors. And that is just the monetary cost—serious injuries can change people’s lives, perhaps influencing their ability to see and work. It is critical companies provide proper safety gear for their associates.

Take a break

It’s no secret that screens are harsh on our eyes. But they are seemingly unavoidable in today’s digital world, and many depend on them every day to earn their livelihood. With the prevalence of vision issues due to screens on the rise, it is essential everyone allows their eyes to rest when spending a lot of time looking at computers, phones, or other blue-light-emitting tech.

You may have heard about the 20-20-20 rule, which encourages taking your eyes away from screens and looking 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. It is a simple way to allow your eyes to rest and reset so you can keep being productive at work. AAO also encourages sitting about an arms-length away from your computer and adjusting its light and contrast settings at comfortable levels for your eyes.

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Chat with an Eye Care Professional

Most of us rely on our eyes every day to see, connect with the world, and earn a living. But our eyes are extremely complex, and so many environmental and situational elements can impact their health. For example, dry eye—a condition that can significantly affect quality of life—impacts over 1 billion people around the world. With its varied causes and complications, dry eye is sometimes tricky to deal with and can be perpetuated by too much screen time, dry environments, or other factors. Luckily, there are ways to help address this condition, such as using artificial tears like Alcon’s family of Systane products.

There are so many ways our eyes are affected by our environments. Conditions like refractive errors can make seeing screens challenging and can have lasting effects if left untreated. Remember to schedule your next check-up with an Eye Care Professional to discuss how you can best care for your eyes every day.

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