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World Glaucoma Week: Helping Patients See Brilliantly

Did you know that glaucoma is the second leading cause of preventable blindness globally, yet half of the people living with it don’t even know they have it?1

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve in the back of your eye. The optic nerve plays an important role in sending visual information from your eye to your brain, which is key for having great vision.2

Usually, the symptoms of glaucoma come on slowly at first – and, in fact, you might not even notice them. That’s why it is so critical to visit your Eye Care Professional for your annual eye exam so it can be treated before it causes irreversible damage.3 There are different types of glaucoma, which may need different types of treatment, from eye drops to surgical intervention.

At Alcon, we are committed to meeting the needs of patients at different stages of glaucoma’s progression. We are proud to have a growing portfolio of products that enable Eye Care Professionals and their patients to fight against the sight-stealing disease.

Hear from glaucoma patient Signorelli Luigi who shares his journey of battling glaucoma for 25 years. It is patients like Mr. Luigi that remind us why we innovate at Alcon: to help people see brilliantly.



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