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Alcon Leads Pioneering Social Impact Initiative in Geneva to Raise Eye Care Awareness Along with Swiss Partners

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  • Alcon HQ led a pioneering collaborative community program in Geneva, Switzerland, to raise awareness of glaucoma and dry eye with the Geneva University Hospital and eye care companies
  • From March 12 to 14, the company built an “eye” village in Geneva’s most-visited shopping mall, and over 325 glaucoma and dry eye tests were provided to the Geneva population by eye care specialists
  • Over 50 Alcon Geneva associates volunteered their time across three days reaching about 60,000 visitors

GENEVA, March 27, 2024 - Alcon, the global leader in eye care, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, conducted a pioneering initiative named Village de la Vue in Western Switzerland’s most-visited shopping mall. As part of World Glaucoma Week, the collaborative community program brought together industry partners and local eye care experts to make a brilliant impact in the community by raising awareness of the importance of regularly going to see the ophthalmologist and the critical issues of glaucoma and dry eye diseases.

Globally, nearly 160.7 million individuals who have moderate to severe vision loss are of working age.1 The cost of the loss in productivity resulting from this impairment is estimated to be $411 billion annually. Even the slightest vision impairment can reduce productivity by 10 percent and accuracy by 22 percent.2

Over 50 Alcon associates volunteered their time to help visitors experience a range of activities, from virtual reality kits that helped visitors learn more about their eyes, to educational games designed to raise the importance of regular eye check-ups. The initiative received an overwhelming response from the community, reaching up to 60,000 visitors in the mall.

The success of the event was evident in the significant engagement and participation it garnered. Eye Care Professionals from the Geneva Order of Ophthalmologists, Geneva University Hospital (HUG), and optician volunteers supervised more than 125 glaucoma tests and 200 dry eye tests. During the event, over 200 people pledged to see their eye care specialist within a year. Additionally, more than 450 iris images were captured and shared with attendees, courtesy of Alcon.

"We have been honoured to stand alongside other eye care experts for this pilot program, contributing to our efforts of helping people see brilliantly,” commented Raj Narayanan, President, International at Alcon. “While some countries benefit from stronger healthcare systems, it's a reality that regular eye check-ups are often overlooked, and by the time issues arise, it can be too late. This initiative not only showcases our incredible collaboration with Geneva's stakeholders but also underscores the importance for proactive measures in maintaining vision health as a fundamental component of overall well-being.”

The event was indeed the result of a collaborative effort from different actors in the eye care industry, such as Alcon, Haag-Streit and Pro-Lens. In addition to their contributions, opticians, including Alain Afflelou, Acuitis and Visilab, also partnered to ensure the success of the initiative. Together, these collaborative efforts with the support of the Geneva Order of Ophthalmologists and Geneva University Hospital (HUG) underscore the commitment of the eye care community to promote vision health and provide valuable resources to the public.

Alcon has played a pivotal role in bringing Village de la Vue to life as part of its company-wide volunteering initiative Alcon in Action (AiA). The company hopes to gather even more support from the local community, industry leaders and Eye Care Professionals to renew this program in the coming years. Every year, Alcon looks for meaningful opportunities to increase access to quality eye care. AiA is an element of Alcon’s overall social impact and sustainability strategy, which focuses on three pillars: Brilliant Lives, Brilliant Innovation and Brilliant Planet.

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