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Media Release

Alcon Unveils Next-Generation Forceps to Improve Precision and Reduce Trauma During Retina Surgery


July 21, 2018 - Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, launches the new FINESSE SHARKSKIN™ ILM Forceps at the 36th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) taking place July 20-25 in Vancouver, Canada. The next-generation tool is designed to provide increased surgical precision and to enhance retina surgery outcomes. The new forceps have a large grasping platform and a texturized tip surface, allowing surgeons to more easily grasp and peel the internal limited membrane (ILM) and minimize trauma to the retina in the process.1

“At Alcon, we are continuously innovating to enhance the tools retina surgeons depend on every day, and the new FINESSE SHARKSKIN™ ILM Forceps are another example of how we are taking valuable feedback from practicing surgeons to engineer cutting-edge solutions,” said Jim Di Filippo, Vice President and General Manager, US Surgical, Alcon. “This advancement expands Alcon’s robust line of vitreoretinal surgical technologies, showcasing our continued commitment to helping retina specialists deliver optimal surgical outcomes for their patients.”

The FINESSE SHARKSKIN™ ILM Forceps deliver an optimized grasping platform to help minimize membrane shredding that can be caused by multiple grasping attempts.1 The laser-ablated micro-structures on the tip surface – which resemble the textured skin of a shark – increase friction between tissue and forceps to improve grip during ILM peeling.1 The conforming forceps also provide a 59 percent larger platform in 27 gauge to decrease the closing angle and increase length of the grasping edge.1

“Retina surgeons want to quickly initiate our membrane peel and secure a firm hold of tissue with the least amount of potential damage to the retina,” said John Kitchens, MD, Retina Associates of Kentucky in Lexington, KY. “With the larger platform and textured tip surface, the FINESSE SHARKSKIN™ ILM Forceps provide an outstanding level of precision to help maximize my surgical efficiency.”

The FINESSE SHARKSKIN™ ILM Forceps are available in 23, 25+® and 27+® gauge sizes. To learn more, visit Alcon booth #401 at ASRS beginning Saturday, July 21, 2018, or contact your local Alcon representative.

Important Information About the FINESSE SHARKSKIN™ ILM Forceps

The FINESSE SHARKSKIN™ ILM Forceps are single-use vitreoretinal microinstruments for use in posterior segment ophthalmic surgery. Potential risks from reusing or reprocessing FINESSE SHARKSKIN™ ILM Forceps may include the introduction of foreign particles to the eye or reduced cutting or grasping performance. Please refer to the product labeling for a complete listing of indications, warnings, and precautions.


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