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Media Release

Amazon’s Projects 2018: One more journey to increase patient access and demonstrate Alcon commitment to help people see better was held in Brazil


São Paulo, August 2nd, 2018 – Alcon’s mission to enhance sight and improves lives around the world has been brought to life in Brazil through the sponsorship of a high social impact initiative called Projetos Amazônicos. The project provides ocular health appointments and cataract surgeries in the Brazilian state of Amazon, for people who have little access to regular ophthalmologic services. Alcon participated by the donation of products and equipment loans, besides having associates who volunteered their time to help people see better.

The project was carried out by doctors from the Institute for Studies and Research in Ophthalmology of São Paulo (IPEPO), and from the Piedade Cohen Foundation (FUNDAPI), along with Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam) and Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) medical schools. A total of 20 health care professionals were engaged in the initiative, including 15 doctors – among surgeons, anesthetists and residents. The project has been sponsored by Alcon before, and this year’s edition happened earlier this month, when over 300 cataract surgeries were provided and 5000 patients over 40 years of age received glasses, which were donated by Lupas Leitor. Remote locations were reached due the logistical support of the Brazilian navy. 

Vanessa Toscano, head of Medical Affairs for Alcon in Brazil, explains the impact of the project on people’s lives. “Cataracts are the leading cause of avoidable blindness and Alcon understands that eliminating blindness is one of the most cost-effective ways of fighting poverty. Cataract surgeries have a high impact on changing and improving lives, especially in low-income areas. There are several cases of patients that had stopped working and can be productive again and earn their living after surgery, as well as children that can go back to school, not to mention the overall improvement on their quality of life, like being able to read and enjoy life in a different perspective”.

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