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Media Release

New Data from the Alcon Power of One™ 2.0 Program Shows that Compliant Contact Lens Wear Can Improve Practice Outcomes


Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, is unveiling new data from its Power of One™ 2.0 Program showing how patient compliance with daily and monthly contact lens replacement schedules can significantly improve patient and practice outcomes. The Power of One™ Program is a contact lens strategy centered on one-day and one-month contact lens wear to help improve patient compliance and improve routine exam frequency. According to this new data, contact lens wearers generate, on average, 123% more per patient annual revenue for optometry practices than glasses-only wearers. The data is being presented during SECO International 2019 annual meeting taking place from February 20-24 in New Orleans, LA.

“Alcon is committed to innovation beyond product development – extending to the programs, education and training designed to improve patient and practice outcomes,” said Rick Weisbarth, OD, Vice President of Professional Affairs, US Vision Care, Alcon. “For more than a decade, our portfolio strategy has been based on the Power of One™ strategy that helps promote lens replacement compliance and encourages patients to return more frequently for comprehensive eye care. We are advancing the Power of One™ program to go beyond a contact lens strategy to one that aims to improve practice revenue.”

The new Power of One™ 2.0 Program is designed to optimize a practice’s contact lens penetration as a key driver for total revenue within a practice and offers best in class staff training as support. By harnessing the power of aggregated consumer health and purchase behavior data, the new Power of One™ 2.0 program will support contact lens penetration as a practice growth strategy with an aim to improve practice revenue per patient across all goods and services.

The program encourages patient lens replacement compliance, a key factor when determining how frequently a patient returns to their ECP for routine eye exams.1Power of One™ 2.0 utilizes aggregate de-identified electronic health record and purchase behavior data from 2.6 million optometry patients in combination with survey data to assess the impact contact lenses have on annual per patient revenue from all goods and services sold in the optometry practice. The data shows that:1 

  • Compliant contact lens wearers return to their eye care professional for routine eye exams an average of three months sooner than noncompliant patients.
    • 87 percent of daily disposable contact lens wearers replace their lenses as scheduled, while only 34 percent of two-week replacement contact lens wearers replace their contact lenses as scheduled
  • Patients who wear contact lenses spend more on goods and services sold by optometrists (an average of 123 percent more annually), than patients who solely wear glasses
  • Daily disposable lens wearers spend up to 77 percent more annually on all goods and services sold by optometrists than two-week replacement lens wearers.
  • Patients who wear multifocal daily disposable contact lenses spend 285 percent more than those who only wear glasses

Alcon’s broad portfolio of daily disposable and monthly replacement lenses with high compliance rates, patient rebates, and staff training tools enable the optometrist to execute the Power of One™ 2.0 Growth Strategy in their practice.

Additional information on the program and its benefits will be available at the Alcon booth (#1533) located in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (ENMCC), Hall I & J, and from your Alcon Sales Representative.

About the Power of One™ Program

More than ten years ago, Alcon made a commitment known as the Power of One™ Program to focus their contact lens portfolio on one-day and one-month replacement schedules that help promote compliance, the use of hydrogen peroxide lens care solutions, regular annual patient visits and practice growth.1,2,3,4,5 The program provides educational resources that allow Eye Care Professionals to provide individualized and personalized solutions that reflect the lifestyle needs of patients. The program is an important part of Alcon’s drive to help patients see, look and feel their best and the company thanks ECPs for embracing the program to provide individualized solutions that reflect the lifestyle needs of patients. Alcon’s differentiated portfolio of daily disposable and monthly replacement contact lenses continues to grow, providing more and better options for ECPs and their patients.




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