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Optometry Reference Guide Creates New Category for Alcon’s Permanent Water Surface Lenses

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Alcon, the global leader in eye care, announced that Tyler’s Quarterly created a distinct category for Permanent Water Surface contact lenses that puts Alcon’s lenses with proprietary water surface technology in a class of their own.1 This new category debuts in the September 2021 issue of Tyler’s Quarterly alongside the launch of TOTAL30® contact lenses, the first-and-only monthly replacement Water Gradient lenses. In addition to TOTAL30, well-known daily disposable lenses DAILIES TOTAL1® and PRECISION1® will round out the Permanent Water Surface lenses category.

“Eye care professionals have been relying on Tyler’s Quarterly for over 30 years to stay up to date on the latest in the contact lens market. We are pleased that Alcon’s efforts to push contact lens innovation with water surface technologies have been recognized,” said Sean Clark, General Manager, U.S. Vision Care, Alcon. “With the launch of TOTAL30 lenses, eye care professionals are now able to offer a wider range of lenses with cutting-edge technology that offer a comfortable, premium wearing experience for patients whether they prefer a daily disposable or monthly replacement lens.”

Studies show that comfort plays a critical role in the lens-wearing experience and brand loyalty of contact lens wearers.1With Alcon’s Permanent Water Surface lenses, water surface technologies are permanently anchored to the lenses, featuring water-loving polymers that attract water to provide a cushion of moisture and exceptional comfort for the wearer.

“When designing our lenses, we wanted to address a key barrier for doctors and their patients – comfort,” said Dr. Erich Bauman, Senior Director, Project Leadership, Vision Care, Alcon. “To achieve this, we moved away from traditional silicone hydrogel material with the first-and-only lenses featuring permanent water surface technology. These lenses, which permanently anchor high water content at the lens surface, represent a breakthrough advancement in lens material science and result in exceptional moisture, comfort and softness.”

This distinction comes on the heels of the launch of TOTAL30, Alcon’s latest contact lens offering. TOTAL30 is the first-and-only monthly replacement, Water Gradient lens that feels like nothing even at day 30,2 and is the first major innovation in the reusable lens category in years.

Alcon’s gold standard in contact lenses, DAILIES TOTAL1, is the first and still the only daily disposable Water Gradient contact lens. DAILIES TOTAL1 optimizes breathability with 33% water content at the core while providing exceptional comfort by gradually increasing to nearly 100% water at the surface.3,4* So, all that touches the eye is a gentle cushion of moisture. With this breakthrough, DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses are so comfortable, they feel like nothing.5

Originally introduced in 2019, PRECISION1 lenses offer SMARTSURFACE® Technology, a micro-thin layer of moisture, stepping up from 51% water content at the lens core to greater than 80% at the outer surface.6 Designed to address the common reasons why one-in-five new wearers discontinue contact lens wear within the first year – poor vision, poor comfort and handling issues – PRECISION1 is now the fastest growing daily disposable contact lens brand.7**

For more information on Alcon’s Water Surface lenses, visit MyAlconProfessional.com.

Rx only. Please see product instructions for full wear, care and safety information.


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**Based on share growth of sphere lenses; Q1 2020-Q2 2021.

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