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ORA System – the First and Only Database for Real-Time IOL Calculations during Cataract Surgery – Reaches 2 Million Cases

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Alcon, the global leader in eye care, today announced its Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) SYSTEM®, the only intraoperative aberrometer on the market, has reached two million cases worldwide. This milestone signifies an important leap forward in cataract surgery by delivering even greater accuracy than preoperative calculation methods alone.

During cataract surgery, when it matters most to help improve outcomes for all patients, the ORA SYSTEM measures the total ocular refraction to avoid refractive surprises and power real-time, in-procedure adjustments. With each procedure, it captures the new data in its unmatched AnalyzOR™ database – now, putting over two million cases of optimized data at the surgeon’s fingertips. This repository is re-optimized quarterly to ensure refractive outcomes with the ORA SYSTEM continue to improve over time. Real-time intraoperative refraction complements theoretical pre-op eye model data and global trend data to verify IOL power against pre-op calculations.

“The combination of preoperative measurements and ORA is a powerful tool for optimizing patient outcomes,” said Dr. Stephen Lane, Chief Medical Officer, Alcon. “Now, with more than two million real-world cases of outcome data packed into the ORA AnalyzOR database, the ORA SYSTEM can reduce the rate of off-target cataract refractive procedures. This includes data from procedures leveraging the latest advanced IOL technologies like AcrySof IQ Vivity and PanOptix.”

Unlike traditional methods of calculating IOL power, the ORA SYSTEM captures a total ocular refraction measurement that accounts for total ocular astigmatism, including surgically-induced astigmatism and posterior corneal astigmatism, as well as post-myopic PRK/LASIK and long and short eye measurements to provide guidance for adjustments of lens selection and placement for all eye types. The ORA AnalyzOR database can identify outliers mid-procedure to help surgeons hit refractive targets with more precision and consistency. Post-operatively, it verifies IOL power constants against manufacturer recommendations with global outcomes data to calculate optimized global and surgeon-specific lens constants.

A recent white paper, “Cataract Surgery: Optiwave Refractive Analysis in Post-Refractive Patients,” authored by Drs. Helga P. Sandoval and Raiju Babu showed that ORA can substantially increase the accuracy of lens power selection during cataract surgery and decrease the prediction error compared with preoperative formulas in patients with prior myopic LASIK.1 Another study, “Astigmatic Results of a Diffractive Trifocal Toric IOL Following Intraoperative Aberrometry Guidance,” authored by Drs. John F Blaylock and Brad Hall showed that intraoperative aberrometry demonstrated improved accuracy of astigmatic lens selection in cases of trifocal toric implantation with post-op patients.2

Alcon’s cloud-based integration between the ORA, AnalyzOR and the ARGOS® Biometer is powered by Philips Health Suite to provide a streamlined approach to practice data management with automatic data sharing from the clinic into the operating room, all backed by Windows 10 software and security upgrades.

For more information on the ORA SYSTEM, please visit MyAlconProfessional.com.

About ORA

The ORA SYSTEM technology utilizes wavefront aberrometry data to measure and analyze the refractive power of the eye (i.e. sphere, cylinder, and axis measurements) to support cataract surgical procedures. Surgeons should refer to the ORA SYSTEM Operator’s Manual for a complete description of proper use and maintenance, as well as a complete list of warnings and cautions.


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