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Featured Stories at Alcon

Watch How Alcon Helps People See Brilliantly.

Helping Patients See Brilliantly: Mike Giostra

Hear from Michael Giostra, a former baseball player who endured an injury that stole his vision and altered his life. Now, at 65 years old, he shares the story of how he got his sight and life back.

Helping Patients See Brilliantly: Eva Garofoli

We share the story of Eva Garofoli—16-year-old equestrian rider from Massachusetts, United States—whose confidence struggled after failing a vision test. Because of her family and community, Eva rediscovered her confidence when she found the right contact lenses.

Helping Patients See Brilliantly: Ron Ayres

When you're an eye surgeon, you don't expect one of your patients to be your own father. Dr. Brandon Ayres performed cataract surgery on his father Ron and improved his quality of life. Hear how Dr. Ayres was able to give back to his dad for all he had done for him.

Helping Patients See Brilliantly: Luigi Signorelli

Hear from glaucoma patient Luigi Signorelli who shares his journey of battling glaucoma for 25 years. It is patients like Mr. Signorelli that remind us why we innovate at Alcon: to help people see brilliantly.

Helping Patients See Brilliantly: Deborah Rogers

As a surgical nurse for an eye surgeon, Deborah Rogers knew that when she needed cataract surgery, she had to go to Dr. Brandon Ayres, who she worked closely with for years. IOLs not only cleared her cloudy vision, but also eliminated her need for glasses.

Latest Stories

Three people collecting plastic on beach
Social Impact and Sustainability
Turning Plastic Waste into Worth
Alcon Volunteers in a classroom
Social Impact and Sustainability
Alcon Associates Make a Brilliant Difference in Local Communities
Alcon associates help strengthen our global communities through volunteerism, including all they do during Alcon in Action (AiA), Alcon Children’s Vision Program, and more. Hear from associates dedicated to furthering Alcon’s mission of helping people see brilliantly, strengthening the places where they live and work, and creating a better world overall.
OPEN logo items
Culture & Values
Alcon Recognized on the Corporate Equality Index for the Second Year in a Row
Alcon is proudly committed to creating a work culture that welcomes and celebrates diversity and inclusion.
Woman with Baby
News & Innovation
A new WAVE of technology
Delivering breakthrough technology to people with cataracts while also offering a vision correction able to offer more independence for patients.
Alcon employees standing with banner
Social Impact and Sustainability
Alcon in Action: Celebrating 10 Consecutive Years of Giving Back to Local Communities
Alcon in Action is an annual company-wide day of global volunteering focused on strengthening the communities in which we work and live.
Woman in lab gear looking into microscope
News & Innovation
Seeing Brilliant Solutions: An Inside Look at Alcon’s R&D and Innovation
Innovation is at the heart of Alcon’s mission to help people see brilliantly. Our relentless pursuit of products that change peoples’ lives has resulted in more than 60 launches since 2018.
Nicole Bang
Culture & Values
Women at Alcon Inspire Inclusion
Alcon is fully committed to cultivating a culture that uplifts diversity and inspires inclusion—but we couldn’t do it without all the amazing associates and leaders on our teams around the world!
Close-up of half of a woman's face, with focus on her eye
Eye Health
The New Presbyope
Alcon shares insights into the presbyopic experience, identifying pressing unmet patient needs, and tangible solutions that deliver excellent patient outcomes.
Older couple laughing and enjoying the outdoors
Eye Health
World Glaucoma Week: Helping Patients See Brilliantly
Michelle Dixon and Chris Olson
Brilliant People
Brilliant People: Meet the Minds Behind Alcon Vision Care Manufacturing
Alcon’s manufacturing facilities deliver on our purpose of helping people see brilliantly through innovative, digitalized and progressive operations that produce the contact lenses that help address the needs of Eye Care Professionals and patients worldwide.
Smiling woman on beach
News & Innovation
Turning Back the Clock on Vision
"Alcon Eye On Cataract Survey" reveals new global perceptions on aging, vision loss and restoration and cataract surgery treatment options.
Rustin Floyd image
Brilliant People
Revolutionizing Ophthalmic Surgical Education with Virtual Reality
We sat down with Rustin Floyd, Global Director, Head of Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) Training & Education, to discuss Alcon’s Fidelis Virtual Reality (VR) Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator.
Alcon's Influential Women
Brilliant People
Influential Women in the Optical Industry
Congratulations to Alcon leaders Stephanie Waugh and Laura Walker for their drive to help people around the world See Brilliantly.
Eric Bauman
Brilliant People
The Art of Breakthrough Collaboration
Collaboration that leads to real breakthrough isn't just getting people in a room together. It's trust. It's respect. It's culture.
Airplane with Orbis & Alcon Foundation logos
Social Impact and Sustainability
World Sight Day 2022: Taking to the Skies to Help People Love Their Eyes
Alcon reflects on more than four decades of partnership with Orbis International.
25 Years of Wavelight
25 Years of Refractive Light Surgery Innovation
Celebrating a quarter of a century of helping people see brilliantly through many groundbreaking innovations by the Alcon subsidiary WaveLight® GmbH.
Older man with child on bicycle
News & Innovation
Building on Our Leadership in IOL Innovation
Building on Our Leadership in IOL Innovation
Paul Delatore
Brilliant People
Looking Ahead: Expanding Access to Eye Care
Q&A with Paul Delatore, Vice President & Global Head, Market Access at Alcon
Alcon employees posing in front of Habitat For Humanity home
Social Impact and Sustainability
Together, Alcon Makes a Brilliant Impact
Ribbon cutting ceremony at ACVC grand opening
Social Impact and Sustainability
Successful Learning Starts with Access to Eye Care for Local Students
Medical professional in lab coat and mask, standing in room with eye examination equipment
News & Innovation
Digital Services + Next-Gen Solutions = An Unmatched Ecosystem of Value
Eye care is growing more digital by the day. That’s why Alcon Intelligent Services is dedicated to evolving best-in-class services to meet today’s customer demands and tomorrow’s patient needs. Through next-gen offerings such as Intelligent Services Solutions (ISS), we are poised to deliver greater connectivity and closer customer access to our most important asset—our people.
Doctor and patient conversing
News & Innovation
No More Suffering in Silence. The Joy of Feeling Nothing Is Here.
Once patients feel the joy of nothing – and practitioners see the benefits for their patients – they’ll wonder why they didn’t speak up sooner.
Social Impact and Sustainability
Mercy Ships Delivers Hope and Healing in Senegal
Mercy Ships provided critical ophthalmic care to underserved patients from remote regions of Senegal, and ophthalmic training to local eye care providers.
Woman's hands gardening
News & Innovation
GreenIST: Accelerating Sustainability Among Alcon’s Surgical Portfolio
Woman in lab gear looking into microscope
News & Innovation
Seeding the Future of Eye Care
Alcon Seed Fund plays a crucial role in our dynamic innovation ecosystem.
Dry Eye Image
Eye Health
Real Relief from Dry Eye: A Q&A with Dr. Carla Mack, Global Head of Professional Affairs
At Alcon, it’s our mission to help every person see brilliantly, which is why we sat down with Dr. Carla Mack, Global Head of Professional Affairs, to unpack how to approach the complex issue of dry eye disease. As an Eye Care Professional, an industry-leading academic, and a dry eye sufferer herself, Dr. Mack discusses how the complexity of the disease requires a varied treatment approach.
Group photo of people wearing t-shirts that read "Oceano Livre de Plástico"
Social Impact and Sustainability
Reducing Plastic, Increasing Stability
Since 2022, Alcon and Plastic Bank have partnered for clear vision and clean oceans.
Lab employees in protective clothing, looking at computer screen
Brilliant People
Technology Pioneer
Pushing the innovation envelope with manufacturing technologies and processes at Alcon.
Group of smiling people taking a photo together
Eye Health
Loving Your Eyes at Work Takes Work
October 12 is World Sight Day. This year’s theme, “Love Your Eyes at Work,” calls upon businesses worldwide to prioritize the eye health of workers. David J. Endicott, Chief Executive Officer of global eye care leader Alcon, shares thoughts about how we can create an ecosystem in the workplace to support healthy vision for all.
Alcon - Best Places to Work 2022
Culture & Values
Alcon Earns Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality in Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2022 Corporate Equality Index
Alcon continues commitment to creating a work culture that inspires and celebrates diversity and inclusion.
Man on swing
News & Innovation
30th Anniversary of the First Implantation of the AcrySof® IOL
To date, there have been more than 125 million implants of the AcrySof® lens making it the most implanted cataract replacement lens in the world for cataract patients.
Eye with Clear Vision
News & Innovation
ORA SYSTEM® Reaches 2 Million Cases
Important milestone as we continue to lead the way with technologies from real world-cases that can help drive better patient results.
VR Surgery Practice China Chengdu Huaxi Hospital Wetlab
News & Innovation
Alcon’s Phaco Development Program
5,000 Surgeons Trained and More Than 6 Million Eyes have Received Phacoemulsification as Option for Cataract Surgery
Patient with Eye Patch
Social Impact and Sustainability
October 14th is World Sight Day
Preserve Sight by Having Regular Eye Exams To Detect & Treat Cataracts Early
Dr. Carolina Kunnen
Brilliant People
An iPhone, An Idea, A Mission
Engaging employees one Vlog at a time through innovation at Alcon.
Two men sharing a laugh on beach
News & Innovation
Alcon’s New Glaucoma Milestone
Celebrating 100K Implants Worldwide with Hydrus Microstent
Woman at laptop.
Eye Health
Take Care of Your Eyes Every Day
Whether using proper gear like goggles or regularly visiting your Eye Care Professional, there are many ways to care for your sight to help you see and live brilliantly!
Filming online educational content
News & Innovation
A Closer Look: Inside Alcon’s Partnership with the WCO for Dry Eye Education