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Media Release

Alcon thanks eye care professionals for their partnership in glaucoma education during World Glaucoma Week

  • An estimated 2.2 million Americans have glaucoma1, but only half of those know they have it2
  • Alcon partners with thousands of eye care professionals in the US to educate patients about glaucoma and provide treatment options
  • OPENINGS® Patient Support Program educates, engages, motivates and assists patients through their glaucoma journey, with enrollment of more than 55,000 


Fort Worth, Texas, March 9, 2014 – Alcon, the global leader in eye care, is honored during this World Glaucoma Week to thank the extraordinary eye care professionals across the US, who dedicate themselves to educating patients about glaucoma and who provide treatments for those suffering from this incurable disease.

"Eye doctors are on the front lines of the battle against glaucoma and we want to publically thank them for all they do to preserve patients’ vision," said Robert K. Warner, Region President for Alcon US. "We have deep gratitude for our partners in the eye care community and are so proud to assist them as we work together to spread the message about glaucoma."

Older people are at higher risk for glaucoma, but it can affect people of all ages.2 While glaucoma can be managed through treatment, there is currently no cure3, and lost vision cannot be restored.

"Many people believe that they will have symptoms at the onset of glaucoma and will know that it’s time to visit an eye care professional," said Robert Fechtner, MD, Director of the Glaucoma Division in the Rutgers University - New Jersey Medical School. "The reality is that patients with glaucoma may have no noticeable symptoms, and they may lose a portion of their sight before they approach their eye doctor. This vision loss is irreversible, so it is critical that patients at risk of glaucoma visit their eye doctor every one to two years for a comprehensive eye examination."

Alcon has partnered with eye care professionals for 30 years in the fight against glaucoma, and offers educational resources directly to patients via www.myeyes.com and through the company's OPENINGS® Patient Support Program.

OPENINGS® Patient Support Program is designed to educate, engage, motivate and assist patients through their glaucoma journey. OPENINGS® provides reminders, education, personalized plans, hands-on tools and savings, and more than 55,000 patients are enrolled in the program.


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