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Alcon unveils new contact lens case for CLEAR CARE® Solution

  • Two-tone contact lens case helps consumers differentiate left and right lenses 
  • Lens baskets in the case now have tabs for easier opening 


FORT WORTH, Texas, March 6, 2014 – Alcon, the global leader in eye care, has released to the market a new, more consumer-friendly contact lens case with marked packages of CLEAR CARE® Solution.

The new contact lens case is blue and white, with lens baskets differing in color to help consumers more easily differentiate between left and right lenses before and after cleaning. Lens baskets in the new case now have tabs to enable easier opening of the lens baskets.

"When it comes to contact lens care, we are always trying to improve patient value, convenience and compliance with our products,” said Shawn Millerick, Head of US OTC Marketing at Alcon. “We are pleased to be able to provide a new contact lens case with enhancements to provide a more convenient experience, based on feedback from CLEAR CARE® Solution users."

CLEAR CARE® Solution users have been shown to demonstrate the most compliant lens care habits, based on a global compliance score that includes hand washing, topping off, case care and case replacement.1

"Nearly 1 million doctor, clinic and ER visits each year in the United States are related to keratitis or contact lens disorders2, and lens care compliance is fundamental to this issue," said Carla Mack, Director of US Professional and Clinical Support for Alcon.

"CLEAR CARE Solution provides unsurpassed lens cleaning and disinfection, and users are typically very compliant, but these changes to the new contact lens case can help make this critically important lens contact lens cleaning and disinfecting process even simpler and more convenient for users," Mack added.

Marked packages with the new contact lens cases will be on store shelves for most major retailers in March.


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  2. Collier, S.A., et.al. Estimated Burden of Keratitis – United States, 2010. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.2014;53(45):1027-30.

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